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Weight Loss Success Stories

Real Stories, Real Results

Valerie C. of Jacksonville, Florida

I don’t refer to my plan as a diet but a life style change.

When I stepped on the scales and saw I was over 200 lbs, it didn’t register how large I had become until I saw a picture of myself with friends. That picture really started me thinking I needed to change my life-style. I visited my primary doctor with my concerns. He gave me a flyer for Overeaters Anonymous and gave me information on a doctor who performed gastric bypass surgery. Neither of these options appealed to me.

This photo of Valerie is from May, 2010

I saw an ad for First Coast, MD and called to schedule an appointment.My first appointment was scheduled within days not weeks. With First Coast MD you get:

Exceptional service – the staff checks you in immediately, takes your vitals and the          doctor is there to see you
Lifestyle change – changing the way you think about food and exercise
Team of medical professionals and weight loss specialists that back you up every           step of the way
Success – your success is their goal

With losing the weight the typical things happened – my confidence returned, I enjoy shopping for clothes again, I feel energetic. But the things I gained that I love the most are being able to tie my shoes again without getting out of breath, taking a walk without my thighs rubbing, painting my toe nails, sitting on the floor and actually being able to get up.

By using the tools the staff at First Coast taught me, even my husband said watching me lose 60 lbs seemed pretty effortless.

Thank you First Coast MD